Welcome to Hedgie Mama!
Long Island's premiere breeder of
top-quality, hand-tamed hoglets,
straight from our home to yours!
From time to time we're contacted by someone who can't drive all the way to our home to pick up their baby. We will try to make arrangements to deliver a baby to them.

We will drive anywhere within 100 miles of our house. If you live closer to us than that, you're in luck! If not, you can meet us at a convenient, easy-to-find location we would figure out.

We will deliver or meet anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk counties for free. To go further than that, we will charge a delivery fee of $0.75 per mile, calculated from our house to the meeting place via the shortest route according to Google Maps, plus any tolls that we have to pay to get there and back. FOR EXAMPLE: We frequently meet people at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, NY, which is just about 100 miles from our house. The delivery fee to meet us at the Palisades would be $75, plus whatever outrageous amount they get for the tolls on the Throgs Neck Bridge and on the parkways.

AS OF 10/7/12: We will no longer be scheduling delivery appointments without a 50% payment on the total price of the animal & delivery fee, or animal & cage & delivery fee. We have been stood up for deliveries many times, and it will not be happening again. If you want us to bring you your hedgehog, we will require half of the total amount before we schedule the delivery. THIS MONEY WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU DON'T SHOW UP. If you change your mind or if your situation suddenly changes and you can't take a hedgehog, it's OK, we understand. But CALL ME OR EMAIL ME the day before the delivery. If you contact me before the delivery, I will refund your deposit. If I load up my car and drive to a meeting place and you aren't there, you will not be getting a refund. PERIOD.

For our New England customers: There are two ferries that run between Long Island and Connecticut. One goes to Bridgeport, the other to New London. Either one is a great way to meet up with us. We can either take the ferry across and meet you on the Connecticut side, or meet you on the Long Island side if you prefer. In that case, we would not charge a fee. If we take the ferry, we would ask you to pay the walk-on ferry fares for both of us, but there would be no mileage fee if you meet us at the terminal. We could also take the ferry with our car and drive to you, but then we'd have to be reimbursed for the round-trip ferry ride with our car, which ain't cheap, and the mileage from the ferry to you.

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