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And please read all of the information below. It will help get you onto the waiting list faster, I promise! Our email address is at the bottom of the page.

In order to be on our waiting list, we require that you provide us with your full name, email, phone number, and street address. No one will be added to the list without all of that information.

Why do we need your address?
I've been asked why I need all your contact information. Well, I need to be able to contact you, for one thing! Also, on a more serious note, when people come to pick up their babies, they are coming to our home. I don't want to make it sound scary, but in this day and age, we need to know who is coming here. We'll never send you anything in the mail, we won't call you a million times, we just want to be able to reach you, and we want everyone to stay safe. When you compare that to the third degree you get from some breeders, it's not asking a lot, but I can tell you that no one will be placed on the list without full contact information. If you don't want to give me your information, why would I give you mine? Just something to think about.

A quick note about emails: Many times, we try to contact a customer and let them know a baby is ready for them, but we never hear back from them. That's really, seriously irritating. We cannot chase you down. We work primarily by email. We can't make a hundred phone calls a day begging people to buy from us, and we don't need to. If you want to buy a hedgehog from us, make sure you give us an email address that you check regularly, and when you see an email from us, RESPOND TO IT. If you don't want to buy a hedgie from us any more, believe me, we will understand. But please just answer the email and tell us, so that we can move on. We're not worried about it, we have a whole lot of other people on our waiting lists who will be happy to buy your baby. But not answering at all is rude and inconsiderate. We don't leave you hanging, please don't do it to us.

Please call Trisha's cell # in an emergency, or email me at trishak@hedgiemama.com. DON'T call the Hedgie Hotline! It's not working properly, and I want to make sure you can reach me. My cell # is in the email I sent you with directions to our house, it's on your receipt, and it's on the care sheet we gave you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE HEDGIE HOTLINE: If you have been trying to reach us on the Hedgie Hotline, we apologize for the lack of response. Messages were not being delivered properly, so I only now have received some very old voice mails. I'm very sorry I never called! PLEASE USE EMAIL instead from now on, OK? If you give me a phone number I can call you if it's necessary, but I communicate via email 99% of the time. There are a lot of you guys, and email is faster and easier for me. So please, PLEASE check your emails!

OUR EMAIL ADDRESS: trishak@hedgiemama.com


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