Welcome to Hedgie Mama!
Long Island's premiere breeder of
top-quality, hand-tamed hoglets,
straight from our home to yours!

***Effective April 4, 2014: Regretfully, we have been forced to raise the price on our cage setups. Prices of everything have shot up wildly over the last few months. We have tried to keep our price the same, and we managed to do so for over four years! But it has become necessary to raise the price from $100 to $120, effective immediately. We're very sorry we had to do it, but if you do need to buy a cage from us, ask us about getting a used cage. We almost always have one or two hanging around, and we'll give you a terrific deal on one!
Our cage setup includes everything you need to get started: Prevue-Hendryx Tubby 522 cage, large bag of Guardian pellet bedding, SuperPet Runaround 11" wire mesh running wheel (don't worry, it's safe for feet!), ceramic food dish, water bottle, wooden house, fleece blankets, our own carefully crafted care sheet, and some of the Earth Born Holistic Primitive Feline dry cat food we use.
Our standard setup is $120, and uses a Prevue Tubby 522 cage.

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