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About Us

We have both loved animals all of our lives, and have always had several. We always have quite the menagerie.

A few years back, we discovered some baby hedgehogs in a pet store. There wasn’t much discussion about the matter; we both knew we weren’t going home without one, and we didn’t. That was Tiny Paul the Spiny Ball. He was our little darling.

Towards the end of Paulie’s life, Pat decided he wanted to find him a little wife. Well, poor Paul passed away before he could reproduce, but now we had the bug in our heads to breed hedgehogs. We found another male a couple of weeks before Christmas one year, and agreed that he would be our gift that year. That’s Burl, The Hedgehog Who Saved Christmas. After Burl Ives, you see, who sang many endearing and classic Christmas ditties. Soon after that, we located a wife for Burl. She’s Holly Jolly Christmas. After Burl Ives’ delightful song, you see.

We have been adding to our herd over time, and we're always planning the next litter. Soon there will be babies galore to help us in our quest to blanket the East Coast with Hedgie Mama hedgehogs.

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